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British Columbia Parliament Buildings

As you may have heard, I have move to a new home. This time marks the return of Shutterchitecture, in a new land full of new buildings. The first featured piece of architecture is the Parliament Buildings of British Columbia in Canada.

The Parliament Buildings of the Province of British Columbia is situated in Victoria, the capital city in the island of Vancouver. This neo-baroque building was designed by Frances Rattenbury and was formally opened in 1898. Atop the central dome is the gold-plated statue of Captain George Vancouver.


The Manila Film Center

Because today is the Philippines’ 112th Independence Day, Shutterchitecture is giving you something that’s more Filipino.

Lo and behold the legendary Manila Film Center. By the looks of it, you would think that it’s abandoned. Well, you’re wrong. It’s just mismanaged. So anyway, this is the Manila Film Center, one of the most controversial building in Philippine history.

When I joined the walking tour of the famous Carlos Celdran, he told the story of the Film Center. As far as I can remember, then-First Lady Imelda Marcos wanted a national archive for films and would give recognition to the Philippine cinema so she spearheaded the construction of this building. Also, she initiated the formation of the 1st Manila International Film Festival back in 1982. The Film Center was built at a very tight schedule of (I’m not sure with this) 60 days. Then November 17, 1981, a scaffolding collapsed killing at least 169 workers on site. But because of Imelda Marcos’ ambition to make the MIFF a success, work resumed immediately. Stories tell it that some of the workers’ bodies were not even recovered and were buried with cement in order to meet the deadline. This story has never been proven true however.

The Manila Film Center now plays host to the Amazing Show and is also eyed to be the new home of the Philippine Senate. Currently, the Philippine Senate is housed at the GSIS Complex.

CCP Main Theater

The Cultural Center of the Philippines Main Theater.

The CCP Complex where the CCP Theater is located was built in 1969 under the Marcos regime, built over reclaimed land at the Manila Bay. It was designed by Filipino architect Leandro Locsin.

GSIS Complex, Pasay City

I understand that taking photos of government offices in the Philippines is illegal but I just can’t help it! Sorry!

This is the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) Complex in Pasay City. This is one of the many projects of the Marcos administration. It was designed by a Swiss architectural firm.

This is the farthest we can get. Taking photos inside might land us in jail. Kidding. :))

The GSIS Theater

This is one of the many things that the Marcos government did right. 🙂

Manila, Why Do You Have To Be So Beautiful?

A view of the Manila City Hall and its magnificent clock tower from the walls of the Intramuros (Walled City)

The former Legislative Building and now the National Museum of the Philippines

Post Office Building

The Manila Central Post Office Building, the main headquarters of the Philippine Postal Corporation. It was designed by Filipino architect Juan Marcos de Guzman Arellano. This neoclassical building was built in 1926 and suffered severe damage during the World War II.

Adjacent to the building is the Plaza Lawton.