Mezza and KaffeRazzo

Here is Shutterchitecture’s first feature on the creations of the SM Development Corporation. The Mezza Residences, a four-tower condominium is located right across SM Sta. Mesa (formerly SM Centerpoint) along Aurora Blvd., Quezon City. It has a supermarket at ground floor and other commercial establishments for the convenience of its residents.

And I’m sorry for the poor camera angle. I took it from an overpass while on my way to a blogger’s meet and greet at the opening of KaffeRazzo, a coffee a few steps away from Mezza Residences (Mezza residents might want to check this out).

KaffeRazzo is located near the University of the East-Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Hospital. It’s a small but really cozy and comfy place, very perfect for a quiet time alone or with someone else. They serve different kinds of hot and cold coffee, both excellent for this unpredictable weather. They also serve fruit shakes and their original Pandan de Nata juice which I found really good. KaffeRazzo isn’t only limited to beverages for they also offer delectable meals like Porkchops, Chicken Fillet, Chicken Teriyaki, the all-time Pinoy favorite, Sisig and more.

I was lucky to have been invited to its soft opening for bloggers last week and I must say that it really is worth the visit.

Pandan de Nata, Hazel Caramel and Chocolate

finished in a blink of an eye :))

The food is as good as their coffee, I daresay. Look at it! Isn’t it appetizing? 🙂

There’s much to KaffeRazzo than just coffee and scrumptious meals. KaffeRazzo provides a perfect place for having conversations with friends or taking your loved ones out for a simple date. KaffeRazzo is open Mondays to Saturdays at around 10:00Am to 10:00PM (oh, I’m not sure about this). They also deliver around the neighborhood so if you’re just around the corner, you can call them at 517-5673. Minimum order is Php150.00. KaffeRazzo is also available for franchise.

the jolly staff with Sir Edsel, the owner

There's also free wifi so you won't have any problems getting connected all the time.

the Bloggers

15 responses to “Mezza and KaffeRazzo

  1. at talagang sumegway—from shuttertechture to kaffe Razzo—kanya kanyang gimik to. possible pala. wonder kid ka talaga Allen.hehe

  2. Ay hehe ang much-awaited post… bwahaha mga nagbabasa ng blogs puro Kaffe Razzo mababasa nila hahaha…

    Nice post I like the structure wahahah

    • parang TV commercial lang ni Villar. Kahit saang channel, merong ad nya. sa blogosphere, kahit saang blog, may KaffeRazzo. wahahahahaha!

  3. Sorry the other comment was mine. I was still logged in sa private blog ko. Hahahaha. Please delete that comment. Thanks. 😀

    Nakakatawa ka. Commute commute lang tapos pag may nakitang building, sabay shoot! Hahaha adik lang. 😛

    That Oandan de Nata looks interesting. Sayang at napakalayo naman ng lugar na yan. Hahaha.

    • hehehe. sayo ba yung pechay pechay? oks nadelete ko na. sosi may password! :))

      oo ganun talaga kuya robbie. kelangan prepared. hahahaha.

      oo masarap yung pandan de nata pero di ko natry. mukha syang masarap kasi may real pandan leaf. haha.

      malapit lang to. may lrt naman. hahahaha.

  4. Haha, at talagang lagi mong bitbit ang proffy mo. Last time, habang nasa taxi ka. At ngayon, habang nasa overpass. LMAO. Kina-career, ^^.

    Nagutom ako dun *slurp*. Lalo na dun sa may onion on top.

    • hahaha. e kasi alam ko nang may magaganda akong makukuhang bldg kaya dinadala ko e.haha. ah yung sisig! oo masarap. pero di ko natikman. di kasi ako kumakain ng sisig. haha.

  5. ayan na naman yung picture ng mga bloggers sa KaffeRazzo.. sa FB, naka tag din ako haha! sana naman next time e makasama na ako.. tsk tsk..

  6. weheheh! ang ganda ng structure wehehe! ang saya2. sana meron ulit magbukas ng resto wehehehehe!

  7. Tagumpay ang plano nating gawing magblast ng Kafferazzo blog posts, haha.
    Sayang di ka nakasama sa MOA. Next time uli!

  8. kaffe razzo ulit..lalamon talaga ako diyan pagdating ko this july waha ^^

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