1322 Golden Empire Tower

This is 1322 Golden Empire Tower, 203 meters tall and the tallest building in the City of Manila. So let’s do a little comparison. PBCom Tower, the Philippines’ tallest building has 52 floors while 1322 Golden Empire Tower has 55. However, PBCom is taller because it has a much taller spire making it 259meters tall. It even has more floor area than the PBCom (1322 Golden Empire Tower has 125,500 m2 while PBCom has 119,905 m2).

1322 Golden Empire Tower is the seventh tallest skyscraper in the Philippines and considered one of the most luxurious condominiums in Manila. It is located along Roxas Boulevard.

Note: Please don’t mind the photo angles. I took it while I was on the cab. 😀

7 responses to “1322 Golden Empire Tower

  1. So you just go to places and randomly shoot at buildings?

    • yep! although minsan sinasadya ko talagang puntahan yung mga places na madami akong mapicpicturan na magagandang buildings. hehe. 🙂

  2. quite surprising pero ang rustic na Manila na alam ko dati never fail to amaze me,. nagsisissulputan din ang mga magagandang buildings sa bay area. and that’s a welcome thing. syempre, capital city parin yan. people would say manila is so average, not anymore…..

    • exactly. sabi nga sa Skyscrapercity, bakit daw nagboboom ang construction sa Manila e apektado daw tayo ng oil crisis. Ang reply ko, thanks to our President. wahahahaha!

  3. I wish I did more sight seeing activities while in the Philippines. I feel like I lost out on cool little tid bits likes this.

    The tallest building I’ve been to is the Taipei 101. As you can probably guess, it’s called 101 because it has 101 floors, although it’s just the first several floors that are available to the public, the rest are offices and stuff.

    • Well, Taiper101 is definitely taller than what we have here. haha.

      Yeah, you kinda missed a lot. I should’ve invited you to try the jeepney but there wasn’t much time. Maybe next time. 🙂

  4. And i turned my head as though i was in the cab as well.

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