Guess that Shutterchitecture!

Let’s try this. Can you guess where this is?

Comment your answers!

6 responses to “Guess that Shutterchitecture!

  1. naia3 ba toh malfoy? haha

  2. terminal 3—ang obvious naman—sana isang beam lang nilagay mo para me challenge.hehe

  3. dapat next time na me ganito me price

  4. Never been to NAIA 3. Incidentally, all my (int’l) flights were housed in the jurassic (lol) terminal 1. Thanks for dropping by to my blog. It’s an interesting site you have, adding it to my reader.

    • I wish they’d swap the terminals. T3 looks more welcoming. haha. thanks for dropping by too. ill add you as well. 🙂

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