World Trade Exchange Building

Sino na`ng nakapanood ng LOBO, that telenovela from ABS-CBN? This building was used as the office for the House of Elle. Dito din nagshoot ang Babe, I Love You where the kissing scene between Anne and Sam was shot. 🙂

This is the World Trade Exchange Building in Binondo Manila. I don’t know if this is still occupied. It doesn’t look well-maintained.

8 responses to “World Trade Exchange Building

  1. a talaga? Binondo? kaya pala mukhang sa tingin ko ay diko pa nakikita to….

  2. cant wait, shoot tayo minsan! Ü

  3. @chyng..pede pa join? hehe

    wow allen..astig naman ng comeback mo ah ayos…at i like the site title ….hehe..shutterchitecture ^^

    • haha. actually ginoogle ko muna to baka sakaling may nakaisip na ng pangalan. fortunately, wala naman. haha.

  4. ang galing ng shots at ng architectures ^^

  5. oh…i miss manila’s typical skyline, the contrast of high rise buildings and the informal/poor quality settlements

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