I was about to take a closer shot of the Yuchengco Museum when…

Guard: Sir, sir, bawal po yan.

Me: Oh? Bakit naman?

Guard: Basta bawal po.

Me: E what if I take a shot of the other buildings, okay lang?

Guard: Kung andito po kayo sa sidewalk, bawal. Kelangan dun kayo sa kalsada.

Me: Suicide, ganon?

-Really, taking shots of magnificent buildings in this country is such a challenge (also, taking photos of government offices are illegal). Even when I tried to take a photo of the Ayala Triangle, I was approached by a guard and a bomb-sniffing dog. LOL


3 responses to “RCBC PLaza

  1. Bakit ganon, kapag foreigner okay lang. Believe me, three years na ako dyan.. pero may foreigner na nagte take ng pictures at okay lang naman.


  2. I used to work in one of the offices there. RCBC Security Dept. is really very strict. The guards would even require a permit even from the employees in order to explicitly take photos.

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